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Price: $8.00
God is not a respecter of persons, what He has done for them, he will do for you. Begin applying these principles in your daily life, don't just know them, apply them and expect God to do for you what he has promised. Every area of your life will be filled to overflowing with the true riches and blessings of God.
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Price: $8.00
God wants us to put him first, to seek His favor. If we are putting God first there is a direct relationship between our giving and God's provision in our lives. This 3 CD series will show us how God expects us to give according to our ability and then beyond our ability. You will learn how God's promise work when you give according to his word, causing you to be blessed and reap God's abundant provision for you life.
There is a way that seems right to a man, that makes sense to him, yet it is not the way of God. As you read the pages in this book, you will discover how to give God's way, not man's, that you may reap the financial blessings he has for you. Giving God's Way is based upon His Word, a solid foundation on which you can stand.
A farmer doesn't plant a seed and not expect a harvest in due time. So it must be with you. As you sow your financial seed in tithes and offerings, sow your harvest. Don't let it rot in the ground as so many people have done in the past.
Being filled with the Spirit is not a one time experience, its a way of Life. Are you hungry for the things of God? or are you so filled up with the things of the world, that there is no room for God to pour out his Spirit upon you. He is waiting on you to get hungry for him, to thirst after him, that he may fill you up to overflowing.